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Dangerous, delicious Alexander Bar

I can’t drink like I used to, but last night I really tried. And I am paying the price today. I have only been capable of moving from one horizontal surface to another, narrowly avoiding the floor. My eyeballs are sore. I got rat assed last night after getting permission from my friend Snax, who said she would drive. We were at Nicholas and Edward’s fabulous new bar in Strand Street, Alexander Bar.

Snax and I went there early and ate a fantastic cheese platter as we sat on our corner of the bar; all the tables were full. Alexander Bar is pretty, retro, quirky, with phones on every table and a telegram facility. Its staff are warm and funny and I love ordering Miss Molly in My Bed (a delicious red wine) from them. That was dangerous enough. Then our friends started arriving. And then I had tequila. Yhu. I shrieked with old friends, made brand new ones, danced with someone. I really, really, really jauled. And we came home at 2am.

This could become a nasty new habit, once every five years. I can’t live through another hangover like the one I have today.


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  1. Loved your “reversing into a conversation” move.

  2. megan

    Oh dear.

  3. Simon Cooper

    I think some details are in order ??? !!!

  4. megan

    You are right Simon! Alexander Bar can be found on the corners of Loop and Strand streets, and they’re open pretty much day and night. (hehehehe)

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