11015775_10155874538220525_4684693933954421769_nSometimes a show comes along that makes me feel everything. Sometimes a show comes along that I see more than once and want to see again. This time it is Dani And the Lion, on at The Alexander Bar until the end of the week.

I don’t know why this is the show that touches me in all the right places, the laughing place and crying place and sharing place and amazement place. Maybe because it is so deeply original. Maybe because it is silly and painful and hilarious and quirky. Maybe it is because Daneel van der Walt (and Roelof Coelyn also) is one of my favourite performers ever.

Daneel’s original songs are so beautiful and strange. A bit like Tom Waits lyrics crossed with Joe Jackson melodies and Eartha Kitt vocals. Not like that, but reminding me of that. Daneel’s stories would be heartbreaking if they weren’t so touchingly funny. She makes me love her and want to be her, and she inspires me, and I want to see this show again and again. You should see it. You have 4 more chances. Go tomorrow.

PS. I don’t ‘review’ shows anymore, but this is an exceptional exception.