So, last night I got my new bill from MTN. No phone call, no response, no email, no apology, no money in my account. The person who manages the MTN twitter account has twice asked for my cellphone number on twitter. Have you ever? But I just checked my email and here is MTN’s response on hellopeter.

Hello megmoan,

We raised this issue with our Banking department who managed to trace your payment and allocate it to your account. They requested that you please either use your MTNSP account or cell number as a reference when making a payment. Our banking system do not recognise spaces, commas or hyphens.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.



Now, for the record, I have always paid my account in the exact same way, with my cellphone number as a reference. It has never been a problem in the past. Secondly, is it just me, but is “Our apologies for this inconvenience” a little inappropriate? My line was disconnected. I had to pay twice. I have not received the money back, and nobody returns my calls. Thirdly, they make it sound like they had to do the work of tracing my payment! I emailed them proof of payment on Monday afternoon. What did they have to do, besides own up and sort it out, neither of which have they done? So, MTN, it’s war on, until you can give me some proper customer service.