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Day 5 MTN fail

Here is MTN’s response on, which is more of the same bullshit, only more blah blah jargon speak, like revert and recon, but no acknowledgement or action on my demands. My initial complaint is first and poor EmptyN’s Paul comes after.

Reason for using getclosure! MTN are hopeless at resolving or responding.
Nature of complaint Billing problem – Overbilled/ Incorrectly charged/ Statements or invoices not received
Complaint description MTN suspended my line and demanded I pay and send proof of payment for reconnection. I remembered paying but thought I must be wrong so I paid again, sent proof, then found my original payment, then had to send proof of that. Now I can’t get an answer from MTN about refunding me, or an apology or someone to return my call. They have made their mistake my problem and have stolen my money.
Proposed solution – Other –
Solution description I want more than one.
1. A refund
2. A written apology
3. Acknowledgement that they were in the wrong
4. Payment of bank charges and other expenses incurred due to their incompetence

And the response

Selected message Thank you for your complaint. We are investigating it.
Message description Thank you for the post.

I am busy drawing the recon on this account and will revert to you direcly on mail.


My non-believing, outraged yet unsurprised laughter follows. Bwaaaaaaahahahahhahahahaha!


Doing good


Lekker Rob van Vuuren


  1. Hi Megan –

    This just shows how contemptuous these large corporate entities are of us. They don’t deserve to thrive as they do. Dump ’em at the cheapest opportunity.

  2. Your next step is to lodge a complaint to ICASA – navigate here:

  3. megan

    Thanks Gerard
    The bones of my complaint have been sorted out; I was paid back. I am now just disgusted with MTN’s style. No apology, feedback, resolution or anything else. I am waiting for my contract to run its term (it is too expensive to cancel) and will be moving to Vodacom for certain.

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