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Decadence sparks

DEC_1 I finally got to see Berkoff’s Decadence last night. It has come back to The Intimate after its sold out run, and is now part of The Mechanicals British Lines rep season. It’s directed by Chris Weare and stars Scott Sparrow and Emily Child.

I understand exactly why it was sold out the first time, and if you are a Slaapstad slacker you are lucky to get the chance to see it this time around. Make sure to check a schedule of when it’s on because it shares the space with The Dumbwaiter (and TheatreSports on a Monday night). Actually, just check The Intimate website for exact dates, like I just did.

This production is tight, slick and wonderful to watch. In fact, the biggest joy is seeing how the actors manage it. The script is 80% less shocking than it was when I first saw it, which means that you really see how the performers manage the text, pace, poetry and style, and they are fantastic. Emily Child is fantastic. She is intense, sexy, strange and totally magnetic. Scott, who is one of my favourites, looks like a bigger version of Daniel Craig and he is great as usual. Chris Weare’s direction is inspired and inspiring. He has not missed a hair of detail and pace.

It’s a special opportunity to get to see some classic theatre, exceptionally well done. Don’t wake up when it’s over and bitch that you missed it.


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  1. Daniel Galloway

    Hey Megan!

    Thanks for the review – most appreciated!

    For those of you who want the exact schedule for the month of August you can visit

  2. Just saw Steven Berkoff’s ‘Decadence’ at UCT’s intimate theatre. Directed by Chris Weare, probably the best interpreter of Berkoff’s work anywhere in this country, with two young, gorgeous actors – Scott Sparrow and Emily Child. What gutsy, sexy, luscious performance of what is arguably Berkoff’s best work. I loved it . go book now, I missed the previous run of Decadence earlier in the year because it was booked out!

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