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deep mid wicket

Addictive, isn’t it? Yesterday was insane, with three games. I have an opinion on everything, even Australia’s silly new clothes. I think 2020 is my new favourite thing. Viva Albie Morkel viva. I even like the ridiculous dancers and the pathetic fireworks that pop and fizzle out of the Newlands scoreboard. I even like the stupid ‘next batsman’ intros on TV. I just hate the ‘natural born hitter’ ads. It’s simple. Too much of a good thing. I mean, every time there’s a break? And let’s face it, there’s still TONS of 2020 to come.


Already 17 September


hectic ek se


  1. The Saint

    The one thing yesterday evening at Newlands that dulled the occasion was the thuggish boo-ing of Kevin Pietersen when he came out to bat. The man is not a traitor nor a criminal. All he wants to do is to exercise his talents as best he can to make a living – if the arseholes that run SA Cricket don’t/can’t/won/t recognise his talent, then don’t blame him if he goes elsewhere. The man is a world class cricketer who graces our grounds and we should delight in his talents and if we get him out cheaply, we can cheer our guys like hell.
    I don’t know why Andrew Strauss went to the UK but I can’t help wondering what a current SA top 7 of Smith, Strauss, Kallis, Pietersen, AB De Villiers & Gibbs, followed by Boucher, Pollock, Morne Morkel & Ntini. OK so we are a bowler short.

  2. Newlands was majestic, friendies, really. The only problem I had was that moronic DJ (mercifully, you probably missed him on TV) answering the regal sobriquet of De Suza (sp.) who BLASTED music so loudly that my 8 year old started to cry in pain and we had to block his ears with tissues! My wife noted that Suza means FART in Zulu, so aptly named. So expletively loud.

  3. megan

    You guys are the best, I swear. Who could ask for more? Theatre friendly, cricket obsessed friends!
    Re: Kevin Pietersen, I agree with everything you say Saint, only, it would help if he wasn’t such a total, absolute, arrogant Ponce. Re: The Farting dj, Big Friendly said yesterday that it would drive him nuts and we were wondering how you were coping. Eina man!

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