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Desperate for an answer

It’s no secret that I have been in a rage since I came back from London, and it’s all been about how SA theatre is a badly treated, abused, neglected, barely tolerated, under supported, hideous cripple in the room that needs charity in order for it to keep making its last gasping breath. I know you’ll think I’m exaggerating here, but I promise you, I am not.

My latest preoccupation and cause of my rage is how Rose Red has struggled for an audience during its run at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Now, I saw this beautiful gem of a show on opening night and raved about it. I was not the only one. From what I remember everybody, from blog to newspaper, had only great things to say about this show. The story is accessible, the performances are superb, the direction is fantastic, the marketing has been great. So I keep asking myself, what’s the problem? Why has it been so roundly snubbed by potential audiences?

And actually, I don’t want to ask this shit anymore, I just want to dish out blame. Am I wasting my time? Are we all just wasting our time, trying to make beautiful work for nobody? Why haven’t people gone to see this beautiful show? Why? Please tell me. Tell me why you haven’t gone.


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  1. There’s a whole demographic out there that’s simply eclipsed from theatre-watching by the big shadow of babysitting. Which is why a massive swathe of people from their late 20s to their late 40s just drop off the theatre-going radar. I’ve missed more must-see shows this year than I care to think about. Pretty much all of them. I’ve missed the entire Encounters Documentary Film Festival (which, five years ago, I would’ve attended 5 days in a row, 3 shows a day). What I saw of Out the Box was (mostly) stuff that involved sitting on the floor amongst 4-year-olds and passing the Liqui-Fruit.

    I’m not whinging – it comes with the territory. My kid, my choice, I know. But I’m one of many. What if there were opportunities to see theatre not necessarily at 8pm at night. Just maybe – once or twice in a run, theatres could offer a weekday morning show. For the moms that either don’t work, or work the way so many of us do: flexitime, part-time (mostly at night with then children are sleeping). That’s when childcare is already sorted, when it wouldn’t cost an extra R150 for babysitting and compete with all the other things that clamour for evening attention. Theatres could market those shows via schools, via Parents would clamour for it.

  2. Francis

    @Lisa, come and watch The Birds at Kirstenbosch, 7am (that’s 07:00) performances from 20th dec till 15 jan.

  3. Simon Cooper

    Hi Lisa
    Just seen your comment – put that down to a bad end of year patch and not reading what i should read etc.
    I think yuor idea has merit and KBT will invetsigate doing just that in 2012. I reserve the right to contact you to spread the word if we can get it right.
    Simon Cooper / Kalk Bay Theatre

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