I have just got back from Scott Sparrow’s one man show Performer’s Travel Guide, on at The Intimate Theatre, 37 Orange Street until 10 May.

I know the show has been on in Cape Town before (at my least favourite venue, The Obz Cafe Theatre) but it tonight was the first time I saw it. I am sure there are tons of Slaap Stad slow gats like me who haven’t seen it yet and you must! Quick. You will love it.

Performer’s travel Guide is a one man show, well written and fabulously performed by Scott Sparrow. This incarnation has been directed by the delicious Rob Van Vuuren (who has received quite a bit of my gushing here on megan’s head).  Judging by the reaction of tonight’s audience (which was very small but totally appreciative) everybody falls totally in love with Scott because of the show. In fact there were some drama students who could hardly breathe afterwards and Sybil Sands told me he reminded her of Marcel Marceau and swore he must have trained overseas.

Performer’s Travel Guide tells the story of young performer Ivan in his village of Curtaincall and the journey he must travel to come of age as a stage somebody. But it is the many characters that make this piece rich, hilarious and totally charming. Scott’s physicality and sharp character definitions bring them all to vivid life. My all time favourite was Manuel the Spanish dancer/singer/troubadour/tutu giver. I laughed till I hurt from his song and dance.

There have been quite a few one man physical theatre pieces over the last couple of years. What sets this one apart is the love. The story is full of love. It has a coming of age feel and it is very magical. And there is Scott who charms the the pants off and then back onto his audience. Wow.

So why is the run not sold out already? I think that one of the problems is its title. I think Performer’s Travel Guide is a little esoteric and this could put people off. There are enough in jokes and references (Stanislavsky and Brecht to name two) for the ex drama student but this show would appeal to the broadest audience. I have the feeling that the reference to a performer in the title could put normal people off. Ag, what do I know? Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the shortness of the run. Go see it. "And feel things you have never seen before."