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This is Big Friendly’s new most favourite Afrikaans word. Any guesses what it is?


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  1. My guess is that it’s a type of SHAKER, used to mix PONGRATZ and SHAMUTI-oranges. Am I close?

  2. megan

    You are so close! It is in fact a coffee plunger.

  3. luke

    my word
    its Godfreys favourite implement in the whole world! he uses all of ours every day

  4. megan

    There you go. You can never overuse a dompelplons. Godfrey is second in line to Big Friendly to be crowned dompelplons king. Rudy, just so you know, is king of PONGRATZ!

  5. dinkum darl

    my favourite aussie word at the moment is ‘daggy’. it’s used to mean shlumpy as in, ‘i went to the shops today in my daggy tracksuit’

    it’s real meaning: it’s the word used to describe the fur around a sheep’s bum.

  6. megan

    fantastic. I made coffee in my dompelplons while still in my daggy pants.

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