I am still suffering and it’s already Monday morning. I made margaritas on Saturday night and we had a delish Kabeljou braai, but I just can’t do alcohol like I used to and I am still suffering. Yesterday I stayed on the couch. It was so hot I had to peel myself off to get stuff to drink and eat. Eish. I am full of resolve this morning. I will eat healthily and lose weight. I will go to gym every day. Eish.

PS. For some reason snoek braai is one of the reasons visitors come to this blog, so I thought I should write down what we did with the Kabeljou. I got a big fish at the fish shop and they butterflied it but took the head off (kids were coming over). Then all I did was get the Woolies lemon and herb marinade and slather the fish in it for a couple of hours before Big Friendly stuck it on not too hot coals.The flavour of the fish is very subtle (I like it more than Yellowtail) and the marinade is light and delicious.