Big Friendly is a genius. Give him a challenge and he mostly delivers more than expected. So, apropos ‘early doz’, apparently it really is ‘early doors’ and Big Friendly found out that it is an ancient British expression that had to do with drinkers who, in their eagerness for a pint, would arrive at the pub before the doors had opened. Cute hey? Today it means that it is still too early to predict an outcome; a bit like early days if you ask me. Somehow the cricket commentators have latched on to it and have passed it around. I suppose it is quite sad that it doesn’t describe an early morning hairdo, which is also very easy to imagine.

door badhair1 hair-care-eek-1

Big Friendly, in his wisdom, has just read the post and he suggests that I re-explain the link between doors and doz and bad hair. It’s from the expression, bad doz, that I attributed to my boet when in fact it should have been to Big Friendly’s BF in Jozi, T who coined it. The man has a bad doz and the woman has a vas lollie.