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Eina Cricket

gram I literally couldn’t watch the game on TV last night. I had to keep channel hopping; pretending I was engrossed in that damn irritating Supernanny who went to the U S of A to go and fix their disgusting children and pathetic, ‘disempowered’ parents. I swear, watching those children scream and throw food and furniture was easier than watching ‘Gram’ Smith hobbling to a loss, with cramp and not enough runs on the board.

Eish and eina! What happens to the Proteas when they are in these international tournaments at home? It’s agony; for them, their supporters and fans, the broadcasters, the reporters and even bloggers.

So, now we’ll get pages of analysis, discussion, excuses. And the reality of it is that they just weren’t match ready. But, actually, as hosts of an international competition they needed to be. Sies. Straight to the naughty corner!


Improv is mind blowing


Pre The Tent twitches


  1. The Saint

    Yes very painful indeed. I agree that the team was not readu for this tournament and I think that the blame must rest squarely on the adminstrators and team management who allowed them to go into a top 8 competition with no proper preparation after a 4 or 5 month break and against a good side [Sri Lanka] who had been playing top class ODI and other cricket for 2 months before coming here.
    Then there is the matter of selection – much is made of the team balance and that argument is powerful but we are sticking with one player who needs to go now. Gibbs – his ODI runs this year are 22, 19, 64, 38, 7, 33, 2, 26, 110, 82 & 22: 2 maybe 3 decent innings and how often haven’t we seen him get out with a stupid undicsciplined shot like yesterday. So it is time for Herschelle to go.

    Then another issue is how we use Kallis. I am ambivalent about whether both he and Duminy should be in the same ODI team but both are such good players that I can’t really advocate dropping one but how we use them is paramount. Both are better suited to what the Pom commentators call “nurdling” the ball around so in my view leave Kallis at 3 [unless we are 220 for 0 in the 40th] but tell him he bats thru at a run a ball and then bat around him with one of the openers, AB, Albie, Boucher etc. Similarly with Duminy – if Kallis fails sned him in next and tell him to do the same but if Kallis goes well, maybe he doesn’t bat unless really necessary altho he can klap a ball better than Kallis.

    Basically though yesterday was a bad bowling performance leaving us too much to do against a decent English attack and that’s down to rustiness and that’s down to the admin and management boys.

    Ho hum another tournament goes west – what’s next.

    Oh and p.s what’s the betting we stuff the Poms in the ODIs on their tour !!!

  2. megan

    Saint for Protea coach and selector! And btw, is that how you spell nurdling? Thanks. Check out facebum tomorrow. Tomorrow’s word is nurdling!

  3. The Saint

    On a given day, any one of the top ODI teams [let’s say the top 6 or 7] might beat another – e.g when the Poms put us out of the tournament by playing well when we played badly.
    And I am sure that England went into yesterday’s semi believing they would beat the despised Oz. I’ve been wracking my brains to remember which legendary American baseball coach was rumoured to have said to his team on the night the USA first beat Russia that “on 99 out of 100 times the Russians will beat you an Amercian team but not this time and not this team” – the semi-pro mainly college players went on to record the USA’s first ever win over Russia and in an Olympic semi-final.
    I hardly think that Andy Flower said something similar to the Poms yesterday afternoon but he and they probably thought they were in with a chance.
    England started badly, losing 2 wickets to good bowling and catching and then raised hopes with the Collingwood / Denly partnership. They flared again at 100 odd for 6 with the Bresnan / Wright partnership but then didn’t bat out the 50 overs [not that another 20 runs would have done it anyway]
    When they got Paine early, English supporters must have thought ” here we go, here we go” but that was the end of it for the Poms.
    The recent booing of Ponting in England was shown again yesterday to a fine example of English yobbo behaviour – you don’t have to like the man but he is due respect and admiration as a cricketer, and one of the best the world has produced.
    The Poms got put firmly in their place and wasn’t it nice to see.

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