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Emotional Creature

Lucky and great timing meant that I could attend the VIP opening of Eve Ensler‘s premier of her play Emotional Creature at The Market Theatre Lab last night. My gorgeous sister-in-law Gina Shmukler has been working on the production (which is how I wangled being there) in a production capacity.

It was very exciting to be at the new Lab, housed in a sexy, huge warehouse, a block or so away from the actual Market. It’s a fantastic space, and a fantastic theatre.

Emotional Creature is a collection of monologues, strung together with moments of dance, song, girl power and bonding. It’s a call to girls around the world to mobilise, be proud, speak out, share their stories and feelings and find an authentic voice of expression. The whole cast are teenagers, most of whom are still at school!

The simple but pretty set, effective lighting and gorgeous digital visual background support what these girls manage to do on stage, which is totally beautiful and mind blowing and, unbelievably emotional.

I have been doing my share of crying in the dark lately, but this one was the biggest, best and longest sob. It was ‘snot en trane’ that made me look like a mascara stained marshmallow afterwards. (I must say, in case there is any confusion, that this is a good thing; me being turned into an emotional weep machine by the power of theatre.)

It took me a little while to go down the path with these very young but extremely talented performers. But once the Bulgarian girl’s story started I was unstoppable. Both the woman sitting next to me and I were weeping, snorting, sniffing and wiping our tears, all the way through the rest of the show. My response was absolutely visceral. My emotional body tapped right in, like an electrical connection, and I was totally transported on the deepest emotional level.

It’s not all bleakly, unstoppably sad. It is in turns funny, cute, acerbic, powerful, liberating, quirky, silly and even wistful. I felt blessed to have been part of it, delighted to have heard Eve talk to us as we stood in ovation afterwards, and were moved by her passion, excitement and girl juice that drives her.

Every schoolgirl, student, mom, dad, friend, lover, teacher must, no, needs, to see Emotional Creature. Everyone in the whole wide world.

And, our own Charl-Johan Lingenfelder’s music, songs and soundscape are completely fabulous.




Life imitating Art?


  1. tandi

    Any chance of it coming to Cape Town? Really want to see it now!!

  2. Ruthie

    Where is it playing and for how long? Is the performance schedule on a website?

  3. megan

    It’s on until the end of the week in Johannesburg. I think there is a schedule on The Market Theatre website.

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