I made a decision that I wouldn’t go and see shows that I knew beforehand I wasn’t going to enjoy. That seemed a little too unfair. It’s one thing me slagging off something I hoped I would enjoy but if I know I’m going to hate it I just won’t go. So (beside the fact that I wasn’t invited to opening night) I have decided not to go and see Everybody else is F***ing Perfect (how Shopping and F***ing, how twee, how nineties). I saw the playreading version for the PANSA playwriting competition at the end of 2005 and even though I thought Lara Bye did a great job of the direction and that the cast were great, I was disappointed that this was considered the best of the bunch in terms of script. The format is sitcom style, with short scenes and “naturalistic’ dialogue. The story is one sentence long and dragged into a whole play AND four characters. And it’s really not very original or groundbreaking stuff. I completely concede that the show is not aimed at me; lots of people loved it! I just don’t think I want to see the full production. Also, I thought Matthew Roberts was great and I don’t understand why he was replaced.

So Everybody blah blah will happen without my yay or nay. I must pass on however my friend Bucket’s observation, which I think sums it up beautifully. “Oh Megan,” she said, “It’s beach reading.”