“Licensed Copies” means the number of copies of the Software and Documentation that are granted to Licensee. Contrary to popular belief, an exclusive license is not a license granted to a single person or entity. Instead, the licensor undertakes not to grant the same license to others on the same terms. Such an agreement essentially prohibits a second stage of licensing with the same rights to a third party. However, it does not prohibit the granting of a licence to an entity or person with different rights. The person holding the exclusive license is considered to be the holder of that particular right, which means that with the exclusive license, they can often take more steps than those who only have general licenses. “Designed environment” means the computer equipment and software operating system described in Appendix C. “License” means the license that Licensor grants to Licensee to use the Software and Documentation in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. LegalNature`s License Agreement gives Licensee the right to obtain maintenance versions that may be published at Licensor`s sole discretion during the term of this Agreement. However, licensee has no rights to new versions of the software.

If Licensee wishes to use a new version of the Software, Licensee shall enter into a separate Software Negotiation and Licensing Agreement with Licensor. Our intuitive software license agreement template makes it easy to tailor your software license agreement for all types of users. 3.2 Suitability of Consideration. The parties agree that the royalty constitutes reasonable consideration and that the licensee does not pay additional consideration to the licensor for the sub-licensed materials. Structural decisions about how such agreements are designed do not stop at the rights of users. For example, there are choices that the author must make based on the type of data collected by the product, where the data is stored, the risk to the business when a third party accesses the data, and what to do with the data at the end of the relationship. It is also necessary to make decisions based on whether the use of the product depends on the import of existing data into the software and the actual reading of that data. Let`s make these decisions right for you! A software license is not the same as an end user agreement that you would see on websites or applications where the user must agree to the terms before using the software.

It is also not the same as development software, which involves a process of adaptation to the specific needs of the end user. LegalNature`s agreement provides a limited warranty for the software for six months or for the duration of the contract, depending on the lower value. The warranty warrants to licensee that the software and all maintenance releases will function as described when the installation is correct and the software is provided on separate media that the media is not defective. All else, if not expressly included in this section, is not guaranteed and accepted by the licensee “as will be seen”. The limited warranty is further limited and does not apply if the software is misused, damaged or modified by licensee or if it is in error for reasons beyond the proper control of licensor. 6.4 Undisputed. neither the execution and provision of this Agreement and the transactional documents, nor the conclusion of the contemplated transactions, and therefore (i) do not violate any Constitution, statute, regulation, rule submitted to the Licensor or, to the knowledge of the Licensor, an injunction, judgment, injunction, decree, decision, indictment or other restriction of any government; The governmental authority, or court to which the licensor is subject, or (ii) the conflict, leads to an infringement, constitutes a delay, leads to an acceleration, creates in a party the right to enter into an agreement, contract, license, instrument or other agreement to which the licensor is involved, to which it is related or to which it is related or to which any of the sublicensed materials is subject (or leads to a termination) B. the imposition of a safeguard interest on any of the sub-licensed materials). .