I am a very perky sweet potato today. I did sound and lights last night for Shez Sharon last night and (besides for my disasters) the show was brilliant and Nicole even got a bit of a standing ovation! And, …insert drum roll here…the show is doing so well it is going to be extended for two shows!!! Due to public demand! How cool is that? So, if you haven’t seen it, and you know who you are…no, wait, I know who you are…please come soon.

And this next part is a bit of a public service announcement. I am well on the road to recovery but Big Friendly is man down. He sounds like a cement mixer. Poor poor man.

I’m off to my final dress rehearsal for my industrial theatre job this morning. Then rehearsals start on Monday for A Circus Side Show. And there’s a full weekend of mayhem in between. Gotta love it!