I haven’t been as regular on my blog as I would have liked. I have been busy (not an excuse since I managed before), I haven’t seen any theatre in the last while, which was always a reason to write, and I’ve been away, and am going away again next week.

But Facebook is so easy to maintain. I can let you know what’s on my mind, tell you where I am, do publicity for shows, like and comment on other people’s stuff, and keep a presence without much effort or energy. I tried twitter, one up on facebook it is only updates, and it was just too boring to do. I can update my facecloth status on my phone. I can facebroek all my friends and ‘friends’ and friends. I can play Scrabble with friends and strangers around the world (except for Canada and USA).

But I always remember that I have friends and ‘friends’ and friends. What this means is that I am aware that you can’t be selective about who will see your status, your notes, your Scrabble score, if you decide to publish it. It’s not hard to do; it’s like making an announcement with the knowledge that 350 odd (in my case) people could see it.

So I really can’t believe the simple idiocy of people who make friends with their bosses and co-workers and then post themselves drinking pina coladas while they’re on sick leave, or who put “my boss is so hideous” in their status!

More and more I read about people being fired for being bust on facebook. I have read amazing stories of people doing their own detective work; a woman found out who assaulted her in a bar, crooks who left restaurants without paying have been found and ‘outed’ on facebook and relationships have begun and ended in a single status update.

Of course we live our lives more publicly than ever before. All sorts of people can find, watch, follow and even stalk others on the internet, and a social networking site like facebum makes it so easy. But it’s still you who has to do it. You have to sign up, on, and do. You have to take responsibility and remember that in a moment of “how cute is that?” you made your granny/long lost cousin/boss/one-night-stand/old head boy your friend, “friend” or friend.