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facebook addict

image It’s true. I am a facebook addict. I change my status and let everybody know what I’m doing and how I feel. I comment on the status of my facebook friends, and I look at their photos; of their animals and birthday parties and children. I join groups and become a fan of famous people. My blog is linked to facebook. I send messages about TheatreSports to the TheatreSports group and I follow other interesting groups and events. I market all my productions on facebook and find out what other theatre sorts are up to. I check in to facebook often and I love it. But mostly I love Scrabble on facebook. I play with my friends. We have these slow, word a day games that are delicious. And then I play complete strangers. It’s fast, ruthless and totally addictive. I’m getting quite good actually. Anyone for a game?


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  1. Alfred Rietmann

    Do you think there is a F.B.A. (Face Book Annon)? I need to go.

  2. megan

    I’ll be your sponsor!

  3. Trevor

    I like it too…

  4. I had to commit FB suicide about a year ago… too many potty-training updates from high school alumni that I barely knew; too little privacy; and an embarrassing number of hours wasted on Warbook.

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