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I’ll admit it freely. I am a facebum addict. (For those of you who don’t know, facebum is what I call face book.) I mainly go there every day to change my status; I collect lists of one liners and then stick them up. I find it quite amusing. I also play Scrabble (and even Lexulous with my US friend). I am not very good at trawling though information about my facebum friends, but I like the way it keeps me up to date with who is doing what where.

And then there is twitter. I’m trying people, I’m trying. But I just don’t get it. It was the subject of a heated debate this weekend, but I still don’t get it.

So between email, twitter, facebum, my blog and my cell phone (which I hate!!) I am techno’ed out I tell ya.

I’m off to rehearse. With real live people. I’m going to ask them how they are, face to face. I’m going to see their actual faces and hear their real, natural voices. It’s gonna be real!



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  1. Trevor du Buisson

    I don’t get Twitter at all either! I joined up the other day, frankly… I couldn’t care less. More twaddle to meaninglessly fritter away your time! Count me out…

  2. Alfred Rietmann

    The facebook thing is very wierd. I behave the same way I did when I discovered Tetris manay many years ago. What is it? Are we by nature simply such voyers and busy-bodies that we HAVE to know what everyone is up to? And I get SOOOOO irretated by the crap that people write on facebook and still I read it. Generations to come is going to seriously wonder about us living at the beginning of the 21st century.

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