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I’ve just come home from the first TheatreSports show at the Intimate. It was fantastic. A full house, great and responsive, lekker show, amazing venue, great vibe. I am high. I just can’t believe that somebody stole our banner, which was bright orange and really effective and stuck on the fence on the corner. I also can’t believe that Yazeed Kamaldien, who double confirmed with me last night at the awards that he was coming, didn’t come. Well, no prizes for guessing that he was invited press. Oh pooh.

Here’s looking forward to a long and full Monday night slot at the Intimate. And a cooking Kalk Bay show tomorrow. g’night.


it was a big bash I tell you


suddenly off again


  1. The Saint

    [1] Great News regarding the Intimate;
    [2] In Kalk Bay banners are regarded as good blankets and thus legitimate targets in time of war;
    [3] Press – happens to us as well;
    [4] The Argus sucks – try looking at Tonight and seeing how much space they use for theatre as opposed to movies and TV – answer last Thurs precisely Fanny Adams and I mean nothing nothing nothing. And I am told that if anyone wants to review theatre they have to have permission from Jo’burg, they are limited to 350 words and they have to star rate [so that the simple know whether they liked it or not and don’t actually have to read the review]. I call for a circulation and advertisemnet Jihad against the Argus – no one buys it, no-one advertises in it until they cahnge their policies regarding theatre.

  2. As an ancient Theatresports veteran I can honestly say that opening night at The Intimate Theatre at UCT Hiddingh Campus was a thoroughly enjoyable performance.

    I’ve been to The Intimate Theatre a few times in recent months and each time it has been unbearably hot and sans any ventilation. So terrible in both the very entertaining Liber-ar-chee! and the fantastically brilliant Kissed By Brel that I, at times, drifted in and out of consciousness (both times) due to the unbearable heat.

    Last night however, various doors were open, the evening air was allowed to drift through, and the venue revealed a magical quality that had so far eluded me. I look forward to next weeks show.

  3. Concerned

    Dear TheatreSports Guru

    Is too much TheatreSports bad for you?

    We’ve both always loved watching TheatreSports. My ‘friend’ loved it so much that he took the TheatreSports course, spent years in classes and nowadays he plays in it almost every week. But I have started to become concerned about the long term side effects of TheatreSports on the brain.

    Over millions of years our species’ brains has evolved to process normal conversational skills with other humans in an almost automatic manner. TheatreSports however, challenges those automatic processes and reprograms the neurotransmitters to behave in new ways. While that’s great for when you’re actually on stage doing TheatreSports, new information shows that prolonged exposure to TheatreSports may have detrimental effects on your social life.

    At first the effects were subtle. Occasionally he would have conversations people with exaggerated hand signals (some sort of homemade sign language) while talking really slowly, and excessively repeating certain words. Last week, it was very embarrassing, we met someone who actually stuffs small animals, and he started saying “Ooooh” and “Aaah”.

    At home it is also becoming a problem. We can’t cook anything in the kitchen anymore because he breaks out in caberet. He’s terrified of going into the Bedroom. And now he completely refuses to go into the Toilet at all.

    It’s become so bad that sometimes he starts to talk utter gibberish in public, and I have to loadly shout ‘Switch’ so that he can continue in English.

    The symptoms are becoming more severe. Is there anything I can do to restore some sort of normality?

    Cape Town

  4. megan

    You don’t have to worry! It’s your Party after all and your life is an Emotional Rollercoaster. So, my advice is to Change the Offer. Or Make an Offer. And if you don’t like it, there’s always the Remote Control. Otherwise you could fake a fonkey of yourself and join your fate in a quick Jonathan’s Lisp. But if none of that Jumps your Space, then get onto your Marshmallow Bicycle!

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