I really don’t think the extraordinary cast of Good Will Acting is getting enough attention, and I’m going to try and do my bit to fix that. For the next four days I am going to write a ‘feature’ on each one of them, totally from my point of view, because this is my blog, and I can!

Today we will be featuring the only man in the cast; Anele Situlweni. Anele walked into his audition for the industrial theatre job I was casting for with an earnest intensity that was undercut only by his natural charm and easygoing ‘vibe’. He had a combination of skills and attributes that made him the perfect choice for the job. Young, cute, warm, friendly and super talented. He played a relatively low status character in the industrial theatre job; someone who needed to appeal to the target audience and someone who they could relate to. He managed this with flying colours.

When we decided that Anele would play Ras the Rasta in Good Will Acting he took instantly to the idea, and he had tons to offer. In fact, he wrote reams of stuff that was totally brilliant and really hard to not put in when we were editing; there is probably enough really funny and original Ras stuff to do a one man show about him.

I find it so funny that Anele’s performance of a Rasta is so good that people think he is really like that, and that he is actually a Rasta in real life! The nicest thing about working with Anele is that he is a very generous performer. And he is properly hilarious. Next year he is going to be working with Siyasanga, based at Artscape and I really think everyone needs to ‘keep an eye on this guy’ as Tabatha would say. He is going to be going places and I am delighted that I got a chance to play with him.