Ntombi Makhutshi. Yo, I love that lady! Ntombi chose to do my industrial theatre project even though it clashed with something else she was booked to do, partly because I begged her so hard. When I saw Ntombi in London Road I couldn’t wait for the chance to work with her one day and then, boom, she was Energina, with huge energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment; carrying a whole 40 minute production on her shoulders. She was fantastic.

In Good Will Acting Ntombi blows me away. Her character is so huge and funny and no holds barred that I think she freaks people out! And I don’t just mean the fellow characters in the play. She makes me laugh so much with just a look, or in this case a click of her tongue.

She is a dream actress to work with; attentive, dedicated, warm, passionate and so, so talented. I don’t have to say watch this lady. You won’t be able to help yourself.