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I am at home; it is the crack of dawn, I am still in my gown, Big Friendly has made me coffee number two and I am in front of my own lappie with ADSL. Hallelujah. Big Friendly and I, after having no internet or phone since Saturday morning and somebody else’s phone number since Tuesday, finally went to where the blah blah box had been smashed by a drunk driver and begged the Telkom guy there to help us. He sent a technician home with us and I thought the poor guy was going to be mobbed by our neighbours when he left! Shame. At least we are finally sorted.

I’ve been wanting to blog about Angels on Horseback since Sunday night. I hope I remember everything I wanted to say. My friends and TheatreSports colleagues Candice D’Arcy and Fiona du Plooy have put together a very cute cabaret style country and western South African show, together with the trio of musos called Folk Me.

They had their first public performance on Sunday night at the Kalk Bay Theatre (and it was so well attended and well received that they’re doing it again this Sunday). It really is an hour of fun. I like the concept. Two girls, in jeans (of various shapes and descriptions), boots and white frilly tops sing country songs about Bloem and racists and very South African stuff. It really is very funny. And because it’s not entirely fresh in my mind I can’t quote some of the truly hilarious original lyrics which are the absolute strength of the show.

Neither Candice or Fiona are trained singers and both succeed or manage for the most part. I know that they will just get better and better with practice and more performance. Nerves and singing are a horrific combination and this was almost mostly nearly managed on their first outing. The singing, dancing and attitudes of everybody (including the tiny band) is also almost there. I would have liked tighter dialogue in the links, giving the girls a chance to develop their characters a bit more and maybe thread a bit of a story through. The show still sits a bit between band gig and theatrical performance.

My biggest beef was with the crappy sound. I say, rather use none at all than mikes that crackle and distort and boom. The mike cords drove me nuts. The mikes themselves were only good enough for very drunken karaoke. The sound was horrible. And if you’re doing a music show it can’t really be. Naah. Also, and this is REALLY nit picking, there was just a little bit too much choreography, which made the songs a bit “the same” sometimes.
While I was watching I thought that it might be a divine idea to have a third cherrie with them. I thought it might give the show a bit of a something extra. And three voices sing louder. Just my idea.

To sum up: A great, funny and totally enjoyable first outing of a show that will definitely get better and better. Great outfits, brilliant tunes and lyrics. A big fat jaul actually and certainly better than having to do line dancing yourself.

This show is going to grow and develop and build a bit of a cult following, and maybe even have a youtube hit out there. For sure. Catch it while tickets are still cheap and they aren’t too famous to chat to you afterwards!


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  1. KBT

    This Sunday – show starts at 20h00 – doors open 18h30 – food available but book it please – the bar is open. Show tickets R60. Seats available. Call 073-2205430. We’re never to famous to talk to you afterwards !!!

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