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So thanks to Trevor I am up and running and blogging my heart out from Grahamstown! It has been hectic and heart-wrenching and exhausting and crazy and manic and sleepless and painful and desperate and fun. I have laughed and cried and shouted and screamed and fought and lost my marbles and even found them again.
The first couple of days were hell and I am hopeful we have seen the back of them. It feels like things are turning though. We really struggled for audiences for Songs of Hangings and Redemption and Shez Sharon, I have no idea why.
I hope we’re on the up now.
I have seen only two shows since I’ve been here. I hope I’ll get to see a few more when Big Friendly comes. On Wednesday! Whooooooo hoooooo! Omigod I can’t wait!
So, the two shows I have seen are both at our venue for SOHAR, The Princess Alice Hall. Yesterday I saw Peter Hayes’ Totally Outrageous Banana Show. It was very sweet actually. I was expecting something a lot more hard core – Peter Hayes is normally so much more out there. The main character is delightful, there is lots of food, and the interaction with the audience is delightful.
Today I saw Junkie by Shirley Kirchmann and directed by Ruth Levin. I must admit that I found it shattering. It’s very hard stuff, the subject matter, with nothing to do with drugs (I found the title misleading actually). Shirley is phenomenal. Her physical work is beautiful, her detail and her emotional range is fantastic and she is totally engaging. There were a few things I found a little confusing, like the ladder stuff – what was that all about? I was depressed and shaken by the piece and moved and tearful afterwards.
Oh it’s good to be back here.
I’ll keep you posted.


all systems just about almost go


We’re home


  1. bobby

    been thinking about you all and wondering how you’re doing. thanks for getting the blog up and running. it’s great to be back in touch.

    shows a complete lack of taste that shez shaz and SOHAR aren’t drawing audiences. hope it’s changed by the time you read this. have you had time to set up your un-biased table?

    miss you. have a big jol when BFG gets there and sterkte and warmth.

  2. Yup – Bobby’s right. Time to go out to FETCH. Thinking of you all, love from the little friendlies on Sanatorium.

  3. Karl

    I saw Shez Sharon (don’t recall which day, I was there for the entire festival). I enjoyed it a lot, and especially liked the novel way the audience was involved. (My partner and I spoke to you, Meagan, after the show). I won’t attempt to figure why you lacked audience. I see crowds at shows I find dull (or worse) and sit in empty venues, for gems. My partner and I select what we see based on content description, in the booking kit, almost exclusively (did see one show based on the poster and actor, which was somehow overlooked in the booking kit, and that was the Banana Show).

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