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Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards

The nominations for the Fleur du Cap theatre awards are going to be public this morning; in about an hour, so the idea of speculating is ridiculous, and yet! I have butterflies. Will Noah of Cape Town be nominated, and if yes, for what? How do you choose performers from an ensemble cast like that? Obviously I believe that Jaci de Villiers was the best director of the year (if not the decade) and Dicky Longhurst’s design was beyond spectacular and Mannie Manim’s lighting took the production into the stratosphere, but hey, I am a bit biased.

We’ll know at 9 this morning!


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  1. Ugli Bob

    hey megan – congrats on the nominations! go noah – whoo hoo!

  2. Allison Foat

    congrats on the nomination Megan *

  3. megan

    Thanks guys!

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