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I am filled with a special kind of joy and excitement because next Monday we are doing a different kind of improv from the usual Monday night’s TheatreSports. Awesome improvisers Carolyn Lewis, Leon Clingman, Ryan Jales and I will take to the stage at The Galloway Theatre at 8pm, and improvise. We have no idea about format, shape or form. We will let it all unfold. If an hour or so of the totally, magically unexpected gets you going then you should book on 0729393351, and come along. Tickets are a ridiculous R60, the theatre is a spit away from the Waterfront, it is a Monday night and you might need some cheering up, and it will be us, a gorgeous bunch of creative madness let loose on stage. Gwaan. You know you wanna.


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  1. i am so jealous. [shtupidt sickness]

    and also first in line if anyone pulls out… or actually breaks a leg like i suggested they do. [in the hope you have a good show kind of way]

    have SO MUCH FUN!

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