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Last night’s show was just plain freaky. Not the show itself, but the stuff that happened. We were completely sold out and full and squeezed in to The Kalk Bay Theatre, which was so fabulous. I emceed the show. While I was explaining “the fluffy thing of redemption” to the audience (for those of you who don’t know, it’s a lappie that the emcee throws onto stage to save a scene if it is going on too long) and I was saying, “when I throw the fluffy thing onto stage, you’ll all stand up and sing, “Stop, (in the name of fluff)”, but at the exact moment that  I said “Stop!” there was a total power failure! (Eskom!) Everyone hauled out their phones, we lit candles and somehow managed to get enough candles and torches onto stage to continue. It was quite amazing actually. So, then I was explaining to the audience how the warm-up game “It’s Your Party” works and there is this noise from the piano. Now, imagine the whole little stage covered in candlelight when all of a sudden this cat walks across the piano keys! Yes, a cat, who I have never seen at the theatre before, gets in on the act. Then! I am explaining to the audience how it would normally work (when there is no power failure) with the lights going down the audience shouting “Five, four, three, two, one and then the lights coming up again so that the scene can start, and as I said “up” the lights came back on. It was like total magic power. The audience was aghast. So was I. It was freaky.

The show was fantastic and we were loved by all. Yay.


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  1. The Saint

    But Oh what a night !!!! Thanks to Eskom and Megan’s magic, the evening kickstarted into one of the best TheatreSports I have seen [and I’ve seen a few]. The highlight had to be the operatic and then the folk/reggae/hip hop washing machine that wouldn’t work when the neighbours clothing needed to washed for for money

  2. The Saint

    Sorry got cut off – but the whole show was brilliant. And guess what we had more children in the theatre and no moaning minnies.
    Oh and by the way later at home I came pounding thru from the bathroom in the dark heading for bed and stepped on one of those shiny slippery ads that fall out of the papers these days. Down like a man shot. Wife asleep awoke with a screech – the dog departed in frightend flight and Max the act surveyed the scene a bit like his colleague at the theatre earlier. All OK – a bit stiff and sore this morning but so it goes.
    Oh what a night.

  3. beilla gans

    I can’t believe what I am reading – Oh, to be in Kalk Bay now that Megan’s there – I can’t believe that I am missing such fun – Thousands and Thousands of miles away and into my anectdotage – but I still love good fun and that was FUN. Almost as good as being on the Little Red Boat that sank in the Antatric – I missed that too.

  4. megan

    Ouch Saint! No kidding about the freaky night hey? You do have to see your spelling mistake four lines up though. It’s beautiful. Max the act???? Love it!

  5. megan

    Hey tante B
    We’re on line at the same time!!!!!

  6. beilla gans

    Megan – on the same wave length too, I think. After my first nice , hot cuppa ‘tea this morning, I just had to reread your blog and I think it even funnier than before.
    Next time there is a knock on your door and when you open it you see see a little, fat, old, gray haired,
    tannie there , it may be me. – You’re not off the hook. I may just come out to visit you one of these years! Tante B (Ponder that horror!)

  7. megan

    Ponder the horror of me and Big Friendly arriving on YOUR doorstep!!!!!

  8. beilla gans

    : – )) + : – )) = : – )))). Tante B

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