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is what Big Friendly calls Facebook, my new addiction. I love Facebook and I use it mainly to spread info about my (or others’) shows. It is a really effective way of passing on information, images and events through social networking.

My Facebook experience took a different turn yesterday and I really started to understand how powerful it is. First off, one of my Facebook friends posted a message to all his friends (and he has a lot of friends) about a somebody who is a racist on Facebook. This guy will be blacklisted, finished and klaar. How cool is that? Then, my boet posted to all his friends a letter of complaint he had written about a terrible experience he had had in a restaurant in Jozi. Obviously it is too soon for the place to be closing its doors, but I swear, I would be a little nicer to my customers in future. And that’s the power of viral messaging. And I love it.


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  1. Zane Henry

    Be careful. Legions of the brave and strong have been reduced to slaves of the Book.

  2. megan

    Sounds like a story you know well.

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