It’s not often that the public or ‘the people’ get to say what their favourite thing was in theatre, but the Fleur du Cap awards are giving these same people a chance to vote for their favourite show last year, and then the most voted for show will win a cash prize at the awards ceremony on the 9 March. Now, I’m not saying what or who you should vote for, but you can go through all my reviews of last year and many of them were really really good.

Of course Theatresports is not on that list; I can’t figure out why, but I’ve run out of ideas about getting Theatresports recognised as legit, amazing, popular theatre.

Brent Meersman also carried a thing on his blog where you could vote for a show last year but I didn’t see the results, if there were any.

And because I can, I’m going to put two pictures here of my favourite shows. How rude am I? Graham Weir and Rory Avenstrup in A Circus Side Show and Nicole Franco in Shez Sharon.

Circus Pic 16 onphone