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Getting closer

DSC00091 It’s a sweltering almost evening and I need to get ready to go to Maynardville for our first complete run through at night. I am very excited to see the show with lights, although we still don’t have sound or costumes for this evening’s rehearsal.

Maynardville transforms at night and the magic is tangible. It feels like we are rushing towards opening now, even though there is tons still to do. I find it all very thrilling. In this pic Graham Weir poses with the Bard in the bush.




Last stretch


  1. Tante B

    I suppose that finding the Bard in the bush instead of a bird is tangible magic. I was always told that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – What’s the Bard worth?

  2. megan

    Hee hee. The bard in the bush is worth a word at hand.

  3. Trevor du Buisson

    I’m so excited to see it!!

  4. Trevor du Buisson

    I am very excited to see this play!

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