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Getting it straight – blogging 101

Let’s face it, most people don’t actually what a blog is. Us bloggers need to realise that. We write and angst and joke and spew and the whole time (well, for me anyway) there are a few people out there who read everything I write, some people who come to meganshead to read my snoek braai post and others because they googled themselves or the play they were in and they pressed the mouse and, boom!

This means some people take what I write personally. Some people think I am a theatre critic. Or a chef. Some people have decided I am one of those weird people who work for free (with regard to this blog it’s absolutely true) and just, you know, do publicity for things. They think that stuff because, although they would never actually admit it, they have never actually read this blog, either on purpose or by accident. This is totally ok, until they ask me to, you know do a press release, or an interview (huh? An interview or press release on a blog?) for some thing that I know nothing about.

And I get hissy, because, come on, surely? But I need to remember that a lot of people have no idea how the interweb works, or blogs, or websites even, or facebroek, or twitter. Which is fine. I have had to learn the hard way, and I’ve made some nasty, uncomfortable and even expensive (not so much financially, but definitely emotionally, philosophically and ethically) mistakes, here on my blog and on the other social network spaces. I have opened my mouth too wide when I shouldn’t have. I have kept it shut when I should have shouted. I have made bad choices and even bad calls. And I have had moments of great success, even a spot of good opinion, and even, if I say so myself, some not too bad writing. That’s what having a blog is all about.

I just get blown away when there are people (chops) who have actual paying jobs that are to do with internet and online media and networking, and they don’t know the difference between a blog post, a private or corporate twitter account, a facebook page or facebook friend, and a common or garden press release, and I end up getting involved to set it all straight. No man. Honestly, if you don’t know what you are smoking, pass the bong along.



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  1. Love it. Also love that there’s little chance the chop in question will stumble upon this. Bazinga, baby.

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