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Good timing

It’s Monday morning and I’m getting ready to carry on with the rest of my life. Saturday night felt like a success but I know that if you are involved in a production you only get feedback from those who liked the thing. It was very full of who’s who in the zoo, and many fans came to celebrate with the cast at the after-party across the road, at the pub. Now we wait for the crits, which will probably be out tomorrow.

Definitely one of the successes of this production of The Merchant of Venice is the director, Roy Sargeant’s brilliant cutting of the text. He has made it totally accessible and really very clear. It is the kind of production that will win over those who are afraid of or intimidated by Shakespeare.

Check out Big Friendly’s review.

We meet for Theatresports, for the first time this year, today and we perform at The Kalk Bay Theatre tomorrow night. I’ve missed Theatresports. Playing it is a bit of an addiction; you get used to the rush of making things up. And it is never the same, ever. I don’t know if I am even capable of learning tons of lines and performing the same show for six weeks.

Now I need to get cracking. I have a meeting, then a radio interview and I’m even going to try and get my weary limbs back into the gym. Hectic.


Big iPod day


Good Joy


  1. Megan’s Head is as daily-crucial as the …

    6 daily cups, 2 daily smokes, endless daily net trawling, daily friends-pinging, daily news finding, daily blog writing, daily 2 delicious children & spouse adoring

    … aspects of my life. Keep it up!

  2. Tante B

    Rudy, I’m addicted too. Must read even before my first cuppa!

  3. Tante B

    Big Friendly’s blog is refreshingly funny – showing a very personal take on “Life”

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