I have been inspired by the positive response to my dear facebum friend Peter Terry’s call to his friends to donate R100 in his name to the Theatre Benevolent Fund today, on his birthday. It’s a pretty cool idea. And I think that the Theatre Benevolent Fund is the ideal charity to collect for during the run of Good Will Acting. I mean, Good Will Acting is all about actors and actor stuff.

Actors and theatre people are terrible when it comes to looking after their finances, often don’t have insurance or medical aid, get into all sorts of trouble when they get old, and need much help when shit happens. The Theatre Benevolent Fund has been going for many, many years and it has saved a few actors in need. So, when you come and see Good Will Acting at The Kalk Bay Theatre this December there will be a Good Will Box in the foyer where you can make your donations. I will make weekly deposits into the account, and let you know how it is going.

If you are reading this and you know for sure you aren’t going to come and see the show, here are the bank account details of the Theatre Benevolent Fund so you can eft your donations yourself, from the comfort of your own homes.

Account Name :        Theatre Benevolent Fund

Account Number  :    6202 439 8671

Branch Code :           250117

(First National Bank Current Account)

Lo ving it!