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Goodbye Dev

There is nothing in the world as hard as making the decision to euthanase  a sick animal. My coezyn’s teeny dog has been sick with cancer, and after two courses of chemo there was no more treatment for the little thing. So he was taken to the vet today. I am so clear that a pet needs to be saved that kind of pain and suffering and that ‘putting him down’ (what a hideous expression) is a greater kindness and bravery than keeping a suffering animal alive. And yet, there is no denying that it is one of the hardest decisions to make, especially when the little thing goes down the stairs and wags his tail at the possibility of an outing.

We will all remember the cheekiness, personality and attitude of that meshugene doggie. And I am very sad for my coezyn who has lost his special friend.




Buil ding!

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  1. The Saint

    Nobody is saluting Dev cos nobody has got dry eyes so here’s to Dev; may you run free in a sweet, cool meadow that is soft on your paws; may you sleep on the softest bed; may your food be your heart’s desire in culinary art; and come back a Great Dane and donder all those dogs that dondered you when you were small.
    Go Well.

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