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got it

The final word. I went to Pinelands and got my very own, pure silicone, totally locally made, very reasonably priced MPower cup, and as luck would have it, I needed it today. Well, there are no gory details. I followed the instructions and Bob’s your auntie. No more tampons, or as Big Friendly says, plugs, or pads, or as Big Friendly says, surfboards, for me ever again. I have added MPower to my blogroll too, so ladies, that’s where to go to get it! As you can imagine, Big Friendly is fascinated!


Mpower at last!


Angels on horseback; a very lekker ride


  1. Jaqueline Dommisse

    been ‘Luna cupping’ for some years – Freedom from cotton wool and insane cost of monthly ‘sanitary ware’

  2. megan

    You know me; a bit slow on the uptake, but once I get going…

  3. Alfred Rietmann

    Would like to know more. Have so many friends that are fed up with the cost and the knowledge of the enviro impact.

  4. megan

    Just click on Mpower above and it will take you to their website. This cup is amazing, safe, easy to use, saves you money and it’s environmentally friendly.

  5. Martha

    Hi Megan, I see you got your cup in Durban (Pinelands?). I forgot my cup back at home and I am not stuck in Durban for the next few days and desperately need a cup, as I cannot imagine going back to the other stuff after two years of using my cup . I am doing internet research to look for a shop where I can go to here in Durban and buy it over the counter. Once I have two cups, one is definitely going to stay in a pocket of my suitcase.
    Can you advise about that place in the Pinelands, please?

  6. megan

    Hi Martha
    It was actually in Pinelands Cape Town! I am so sorry. Please go to and ask who stocks in Durban.
    Good luck.

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