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G’town 2010

How hectic is that thought? Omigod! Well the reason there is talk of G’town 2010 is because The Edge, Cape Town’s edgiest fringe collaborative are calling for submissions! Here’s what they say.

Attention theatre makers from Cape Town.

Are you planning to take an amazing, extraordinarily edgy and fabulously professional work to the Grahamstown Festival Fringe next year?

The Cape Town Edge initiative is calling for applications towards its 2010 creative programme for the National Arts Festival, Grahamstown. 

If you are keen, please submit a SHORT (approx. 2 page) letter of motivation to by 5:00 pm Friday 30 October 2009


Eid, Rosh Hashana in Woodstock


Improv is mind blowing


  1. The Saint

    And by the way, applications to the Organising Committee for the Fringe are due by January 15, 2010.
    if you want to go to the Main, you’re too late !!!

  2. megan


  3. Ugli Bob

    Yep, it’s all happening at a pace this year – they wanna open Main and Fringe bookings at the same time in April or something. It’s a good swift kick up the old pants for all of us to think further in advance.

  4. The Saint

    Hey Ugli Bob – am ahead of the game – am meeting NAF people next Wednesday. Subject of the meeting – use of Princess Alice in 2010 !!!! [Only joking]

  5. Ugli Bob

    Way ahead of you, Saint – already met with ’em all!! [Not joking…or am I?] Hopefully see you soon?!

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