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G’town begins

I’m sitting in Dulce Cafe in a corner, writing furiously since I have had hysterical interweb dramas the whole day. Truth is, I am useless and and don’t know how the whole thing actually works. Which means I have had to call Big Friendly eleven times and get him to speak me through the whole connecting business; at three different venues. That’s not all! I also have to keep searching for a power point to plug my lappie into because my battery has a life of two and a half minutes. Long enough for me to do exactly nothing. Clucking sheep. Those are our replacement swear words that we invented today because Candice’s 9 year old daughter Kaliya hates our swearing.

We have our first show at 8pm tonight and we had 27 bookings at 12, which, considering how quiet everything is, feels pretty good. I think TheatreSports will rock this festival. The usual suspects are here, slapping their posters on everything. I’m quite keen to see a few things but I might only get my first chance after our show tomorrow at 2pm; I am running an improv workshop tomorrow morning here at the fest.

It’s been really hard for me to get away from Noah of Cape Town stuff and I must admit, my heart (and what’s left of my mind) default to Noah all the time. I keep wondering how it’s going, calling Jaci and Robyn (the stage manager)  and having long conversations about weird stuff like opening night food!!

Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be more connected to the fest. And I’ll report back on everything I see.


TheatreSports treks East


Mixed bag

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  1. Ugli Bob

    Luckily managed to secure wireless at our gracious hosts…here’s to a rocking fest! can’t wait to read yer views on the changes in festival and stuff…

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