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I woke up this morning properly happy, and I have spent the rest of the day delighted. And of course you know I’m about to tell you why. This could take a while. There are a lot of things.

Number one. My industrial theatre project went on the road today. It is up and running and pretty much out of my hands. And that particular tension; a combination of anxiety, paranoia and adrenalin is now replaced by a sense of achievement and pride and gratefulness. I am proud of my actors; who are a fantastic team. I am grateful for the work, from a repeat client. I like the play we have made.

Number 2. I went to Artscape today to sort out some paperwork and I saw the unbelievably fabulous model that designer Alfred Rietmann has made for the set of The Tent. Remember The Tent that I was so on and on about last year? The play I wrote that Artscape’s New Writing Programme showcased? Well, this year we are doing a full two weeks’ run of it. I am beyond myself with excitement. We start rehearsing on 5 October and open on 31. I have a cast to live for, a designer with true vision and an opportunity that makes me so lucky!

Number 3. I had fantastic lunch and catch up with my superb friend; you know who you are; and I am doing it again tomorrow with my other longest, fabulous friend; you know who you are! Then I picked up my gorgeous Big Friendly. Of course we came home and all four small furries were delighted to see us.

Number 4. Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend some time with my other longest, wonderfullest friend (who had some not such great news for me and her which wasn’t the part that made me happy) and my godson. He is brilliant. I cannot explain what that feels like and how happy it makes me. Big, big love.

Number 5. Tomorrow night is Rosh Hashana and we are going to celebrate the new year with my late father’s cousin. it’s been a while since I touched base with that side of my family. I can’t wait. I am also thinking about my other family members, further away, with big love.

Number 6. I am fetching my ship faring fabulous friend from the airport on Saturday. He is coming home for a bit. It’s a hard reason why, but I am happy to see and love him.

Number 7. Chassie doesn’t have tickbite fever anymore.

Number 8. We have lots of bookings for TheatreSports in the coming weeks. The Voorkamerfest was a winner and ended up being great publicity, and we are running our TheatreSports training course on the 26, 27 Sept and 3, 4 October. I am amped and inspired.

Number 9. I am generally inspired, with all sorts of crazy ideas and things, and different people I want to talk to about it all.

Number 10. I forget what number 10 is, but it leaves a smile on my face. Oh, I remember. I had a full-on laugh session with the cashier at Pick ‘n Poo yesterday and we just totally tickled each other pink.

Number 11. I am totally ok that spring isn’t here. I thought I wasn’t but then I remembered spring wind! Pooh. Rain on! Rain on!

Number 12. The whales are here.

Number 13. I am getting really good at facebook scrabble.



Bright TheatreSports


Eid, Rosh Hashana in Woodstock


  1. Beilla Gans (Tante B)

    Touch wood! Kein n hora! Spit, spit, to cast off the evil eye! You of my tribe know what I mean – Love Tante B

  2. Alfred Rietmann

    I think it should be LAW that when we wake up we must write down and tell every one at least 12 things that we are grateful for each day. What a joy to read this…or is it a little tooooo Oprah?

  3. megan

    Oprah shmoprah

  4. Ugli Bob

    Hooray for happiness! Can’t wait to see how The Tent has developed. Go wild!

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