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Heart sore

I have been truly heart sore since yesterday. Ever since the really terrible rains I became aware of a dog crying and barking in distress from somewhere beyond the alleyway that runs behind our row of houses. I called the SPCA and gave them what I thought the address of the house that had dog was, but I was wrong. I heard the dog on and off for the next week, called the SPCA again, got no result, and then on the weekend I found out from one of my neighbours that I had given the wrong street address to the SPCA. I called again on Monday morning, finally giving them the right address. Big Friendly said that somebody called from the SPCA yesterday to say that they had picked the dog up on Monday and he was in such poor shape they had to put him down immediately, to put him out of his misery. I am tortured by the idea of this dog, and how long it took me to help him. I am filled with a seriously disturbing rage for the unknown people who did this, and those who allowed it to happen. I am filled with hate and despair. And I am truly heart sore.


early doz


Snoek Braai 2

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  1. jess

    You did everything you could and more than most would ever do. There’s a doggy spirit looking down, loving and appreciating you from a far happier place. xxx

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