I can’t sleep. It has been a totally hectic two days and I am completely wound up. I have been working on a really big, very exciting industrial theatre job for over four years now. Every year we do a 30 minute industrial theatre ‘play’ that goes around the country on a road show. The first performance of this cycle was today. Although we rehearsed last week, I did not pick up (my absent mindedness and his not wanting to lose the job) that one of the four actors was really sick. It became evident at yesterday’s dress rehearsal – too late to do anything before today’s show. We just managed to get through the show in front of a huge audience today and I started training up another actor to take his place. So crazy. The emotional strain of it is enormous – for him, me, the cast, the crew, the client. There is nothing more panicky than an actor who is not managing. It is so scary. I am also so scared about what is wrong. We aren’t prepared for actors to be sick. I am heartsore.