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Sometimes I read something that sets me on edge, but I carry on to the end of the article, this time a review, with clenched teeth and a mutter and get on with my life. Then, sometimes, like today, a spelling mistake of somebody famous and dead’s name will make me totally and absolutely hysterical.

And then I thank the gods of the interweb (and Big Friendly who is connected to them) for this special platform from where I am able to launch my ‘rheum’, to quote the Bard. Now, I am about to get into trouble, but so be it. This is what made me totally nuts.

The Argus Tonight section on line runs a review of Footsteps to Freedom written by Peter Tromp today. Now, one of the directors of the show, Rafiek Mammon, happens to be a very, very good friend of the reviewer. So my hackles are raised. I mean, it’s one thing for us all to be subject to the criticism or praise of objective reviewers but to have a newspaper print an “objective” review by the guy’s best friend is bullshit. Naturally it was a high praise review. It glowed. I was, like, why don’t my best pals write for the paper? Anyway, here is where I was set on edge but it was in the final paragraph that I finally lost it completely, and I quote, “However, there is a lovely rendition of Brenda Fassy’s Weekend Special.” Are you @#%$#*&* serious? Brenda Fassy? The cheek of it. That is unforgivable. In a review. About a show. Written for your best friend. Sis Brenda will turn in her grave. The correct spelling, for those of you who want to know is Fassie. I Googled to double check.

I write reviews here on megan’s head. I slaughter some shows, I praise others, I claim my biases and publicise them. I say up front who my friends are, what shows I am involved in and which I approach as an objective viewer. I can do that. This is my blog. I expect our newspaper reviewers to have a bit more integrity, openness and honesty. And mostly I expect them to do research and spell checks. That’s what Google is for!


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  1. Zane Henry

    Disclaimer: Peter Tromp writes for the Cape Times, not the Cape Argus. Independent Newspapers’ glorious online wing lumps everything together. Sigh.

    P.S. Footsteps to Freedom is terrible.

  2. megan

    Askies and apologies. You are right. I forget when I read stuff on line. Thanks for the note.

  3. The Cape Argus, The Cape Times… What’s the difference?

    This reminds me of a cold war joke that resurfaced online during Dubious Bush’s ‘heroic’ attack on Iraq’s weapons of warrah warrah.

    Goes like this:
    Saddam Hussein and George Bush jump off the Empire State Building. Who will hit the ground first?
    Does it really matter?…

    The Cape Argus and The Cape Times are relics of days past. Megan’s Head type reviews will be (already are?) acceptable standards before long.

  4. Jason

    Totally agree with you Rudy, re. the blog being acceptable standards. Meg’s blog in particular is at least tasteful and entertaining at the same time. Well worth adding to your “Favourites”.

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