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here beginneth the WORLD CUP!

I thought that this WCC breakdown was really cool. I agree with Adrian Ephraim a lot. I must admit, I am starting to feel a little hysterical. And Big Friendly said he would make us an exel spreadsheet with the teams and the fixtures and TV coverage. I am just so glad that it’s Bermuda and somebody on my birthday, so I can celebrate with friends and family. Whoo Hoo! Roll on Cricket World Cup! Tomorrow Big Friendly will start playing reggae for us to warm up!


gung ho


torn, nay, ripped apart


  1. bob

    i live in such a different time zone i think i sleep through any matches with SAF and will wake up with hagiographic jingoistic and pukeworthy headlines of aussies glory (which is not informed by a win or loss and merely by making an appearance on a field). punter strains a hamstring and the entire tv schedule gets knocked out of whack for ‘breaking news’ inserts on the state of play – of his hamstring.

    oh i miss a decent time zone, a decent commentary team (richie benaud, tony greig et al can put an okker spin on the worst aussie play and now tubby’s joining the commentary team too)…but i don’t miss peter bacela.

    go SAF go. bring home the cup. let me walk proud through the land of the wielding willows and some of the weirdest takes on the game of rugby ever invented ( you really have to see it to believe it- sleeveless jerseys, tight crotch splitting shorts and they’re legitimately knocking the ball forward with their fists and they call it rugby- go figure)

  2. megan

    Eish bob man
    I can feel for you. It would make me nuts I tell you. For a very objective and well informed read, stay here on meganshead. Love ya and miss ya.

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