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Ok, so this isn’t a post about cricket but rather rugby. Could you believe it? It’s the crack of dawn and a sick and sorry Big Friendly has the bloody tv on full blast to listen to the discussions about last night’s opening game upset. And if I hadn’t been sick first and given this hideous flu’ to him I would have suspected it was Rugby world cup fever he had caught. Anyway, the tv has been dragged slightly forward and the remote is glued to topsport. Next week will be interesting with the 20/20 world cup starting.


extended! Am I right or am I right?


not lost

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  1. Get well really soon, dear Friendlies, the blogoplaas is quiet without you two!

    Cape Town – at least Newlands – is closing down for the 20/20 games, starting today (Wed 12/9) and wasn’t it a famous win against the Windies yesterday?

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