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Hi ho hi ho

Can you believe it? It’s off to work I go! I had the best two days with tons of eating, drinking, other people’s children, lots of noise, farting dogs, and relaxing, but now we move into a more intensive phase of rehearsals and it’s ‘nose to the groundstone’ as Shez Sharon once said. It’s so quiet out there I feel like I’m the only person in the whole world who is working. It’s actually a pleasure; the roads are totally free at rush hour times, I’m getting almost no spam in my email, our fridge is stocked and I’m reading tons when I come home. 2008 rock on!


Boxing Day


Thunder Murder and other Jokes of the Season


  1. Tante B

    HI HO, HI HO,

  2. Tante B

    Heave ho, heave ho it’s back to bed I go – I’ve paid my dues, never fear. But after my first cuppa and a peak at Meganshead, ou Tante B needs some more shut eye.

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