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Hilarious, out there (well, in actually) More South African Deep Freezing

 n685530160_4412033_4299 Last night was the opening night of The DOT Conspiracy‘s second offering at The Intimate Theatre, More South African Deep Freezing, written and performed by Juliet Jenkin and Frances Marek. And it was properly hilarious.

The title is taken from a real book, More South African Deep Freezing, which is just the beginning of the chaos, hilarity and total madness of a play about two housewives from the fifties who find a way to freeze themselves and then periodically pop up, thaw and check out the future.

Juliet and Frances have got that very special chemistry that makes their performance together real magic. They literally spark off each other and their timing is fantastic. They are also really well directed by Alex Halligey. I got the sense that they were all on the same page and they obviously all have the same wicked and totally off-the-wall sense of humour.

The two frozen fishwives looked hilarious too. Audrey, played by Frances was an Afrikaans, tannie version of Desperate Housewives‘ Bree. Maude, played by Juliet was a stylish and skinny Ab Fab Eddy.

The totally improbable and outlandish story, with weird and ghoulish little surprises (I particularly loved the blood) had me chuckling throughout.


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  1. Tam

    “Don’t do the voices”

    baaa ha

  2. Joan Frielick

    I would like a copy of Alice Theron’s “South African Deep Freezing” and any other titles she may have written later – probably out of print but please help!

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