Nobody is gonna believe me when I tell them that I went to the live broadcast performance of the finale of the reality TV competition for…wait for it…High School Musical at the Teatro at Montecasino last night. My shvester in law, the fabulous Gina Shmukler was the American dialect coach on the show, and I went with her and my boet. Yowzer. It was my first visit to the Teatro. It is quite an impressive space, and can pack them in, I tell you.

So the three of us and many screaming family, friends and thousands of tweenies were coached through the hour and a half live show (which looks much fuller and funner on the screen) by the hilarious, prize throwing floor manager. The show was ‘made for TV madness’ and the winners meant nothing to me, although the little cutie girls in front of us seemed delighted. Art_Winners

I was a bit skaam for Peter Toerien who sat in his black throne of a judge’s chair with his scandalous email flying like a ghost streamer around him, although nobody else seemed to notice or care. The public voted their choice anyway and he should have trusted the process instead of interfering and making his name gat. 

Now they rehearse the actual musical and  I’m sure that as long as the tickets are affordable, every child from six to twelve will be dragging a parent to see it. Thank the gods we only have animals.