I was having a business lunch in a chi chi restaurant yesterday and there was one of those big screen tvs behind the person I was meeting with. I thought I was going completely nuts when I saw a live cow being thrown off the back of a truck only to be shredded by a group of tigers! It was still alive after being mauled. This all took place in a huge like parking lot with tour busses in a circle surrounding the action. Then birds – ducks and chickens – were flung out of vehicles and snatched out of the air by the tigers. All this while people, adults and children, looked out from bus windows. The worst part is that the footage was part of a CNN loop, so before we had finished it came on again.

What the hell is that? I asked if anyone else had seen it and a friend said she had and it was in China. What the HELL? It’s the worst thing I have EVER seen. I am shocked and sickened and I struggle to close my eyes. I am disturbed and freaked out and am having nightmares. Did anyone else see it? Is there anything we can do?