Peter Marais00_Nuus_wk I have been watching the story of Cope with cautious excitement. I am generally nervous of all politicians and their promises, but I liked the idea of a breakaway party who expressed grave dissatisfaction with the ANC. But today I am worried. According to the Sunday Slimes, Peter Marais has been welcomed by Cope. Yes, that Peter Marais who has been an embarrassment to the DA, the no longer in existence NNP, the city of Cape Town, the mayor’s office, the people of Cape Town, women, you name it.  And it’s made me quite uncomfortable. The article says Marais thinks "Cope created a new bridge for coloureds and whites" blah blah, and "Cope means the chance of a new beginning for us – a second chance." Hoo boy. I absolutely cannot manage this man anywhere near politics again. And Cope  needs to be really careful that it doesn’t become a dumping ground for every failed, crooked and out-of-favour buffoon, who wants a second chance.