I’m writing this in a pool of sweat. My fingers are slipping on the keyboard. Hectic. Big Friendly, mother of Big Friendly and I have just come home from an early supper at Maria’s, in Gardens. What a gem. It’s been in operation for must be 20 years and it goes through popularity swings. Last year I remember having to phone well in advance to secure a booking. At the moment all you have to do is rock up.

It was a perfect evening to sit outside. It was exactly where one needed to be, under a tree with an icy Heineken in our sweaty hands. We had our usual to eat; the meze platter. And we pigged out on extras like spanakopita and haloumi. YUM. Totally delicious.

The after effects of garlic are with me now as I try to focus and stay awake till it gets just a teeny bit cooler.