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I ♥ facebook

Big Friendly has just written a real bitch post on his blog about how he hates facebook and how he is going to cancel or wipe out or remove his face broek profile once and for all. (It needs explaining that he has been saying this ever since he signed up, over a year ago.) At least once a month he makes these threats, and then, after ‘liking’ a few things, calling me to look at photos of friends and family and cute children/animals, he forgets about it. Then some article in the media (which I haven’t actually even read properly) will remind him why he hates face cloth, and why they are stealing his stuff, and why they can’t be trusted etc, and his fudge book rage will kick in again.

Me, I am the exact opposite. I love face poep. I love it. I know what it is; a public(ish) forum, where I can be clever/silly/indulgent, a place where I can instantly connect with two friends I dreamt about, one in LA and the other in Switzerland. I can play Scrabble, waste time reading everybody’s status, or do proper work and networking. I can advertise on face snoek. I can show off my animals and my holidays. I can ask for advice. I can advertise, for shows, and for other people’s stuff that I support or like. I can imagine I’m introducing people to my strange musical tastes and I can ‘share’ causes. I can show support by joining a group or becoming a fan of a page. That’s all it takes. I can agree or disagree with my ‘friends’ in one sentence. I can choose how I look in my faceblock (profile pic). I heart face book. I just don’t know how to make those little heart shapes in the status place. And Big Friendly has warned me against those damn applications!


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